Target aircraft handling pain points with Turnaround app by using 2 person verification of procedural compliance.

'Turnaround' is a monitored, dual authentication checklist application that allows the managers of a process to monitor progress real time and address issues as they arise’.  

Many times we make errors or mistakes and correct them. Only when they escalate do we require them to be reported and by this time it is too late because they have already escalated. By its very nature this is a reactive safety report. What I have learnt over the years is that the current format of SMS reporting does not allow proactive safety reporting because it does not cater for the situation proportionately i.e. the reporting process is to long and discouraging.

In the real world, Compliance is proactive safety, where we go looking for issues and get them corrected.  Turnaround is designed to be the beginning of predictive reporting. The system is designed to sit between no information at all and a full safety report. It is a gap that I have been looking at for a long time. I believe predictive safety will only be facilitated by the recording of minor errors and mistakes as they are corrected. It is logical to assume that one of these errors will escalate into an event at some point, so the more the minor error occurs, the more likely the event. Ergo, reducing the error rate reduced the chance of an event.

With turnaround, we at Quarterback Aerospace were working on the premise that the pain point caused during the turnaround was Minor Damage and Loading Errors. So, we set about to produce an app that would introduce responsibility into the processes and allow meaningful tracking of errors and mistakes.

In the process we realised the potential of the app to also target the OTP pain point by using the same technology to introduce accountability for timely onboarding of passengers and bags while focussing attention on the issues surrounding the boarding (gate transition) of potentially unruly passengers (that a is a whole other blog!)

Potential pressure on the crew is reduced through the design of the app, the simplest form of report is open the app, pick the flight, submit the report and all questions are marked as correct. This can be achieved in seconds. If there is a need to add a photo or comment it will take longer but not onerously so and the only the questions which require comment need to be addressed, the other questions are marked correct without input.  We expect the checklist to be completed immediately the crew have returned to the flight deck from the walk around, this is not normally a busy time. Confirmation of these assumptions will be part of the testing process. For Cabin crew, the checklist will replace and improve part of a procedure already being followed [in the trial airline].

The managers User Interface (UI) has the ability to request a report if one is not entered but information is required. This is all done within the app so it is a one stop shop.

The key to Turnaround success is that it will increase awareness of known issues and provide foresight to crews allowing them to mitigate ahead of time should there be an emerging problem. Managers will for the first time have a flight by flight granularity to the data they are receiving.

With information comes change. Procedures that are difficult to follow will be exposed and can be improved - areas where procedures are asking unrealistic actions in the real world. This morning in a daily operational meeting, I witnessed a perplexing exchange where the NPGO and the Cabin crew manager simple didn't know what caused a delay - in the modern age , this type of conversation should never be the same again as managers will have clear oversight of issues as they happen. The app brings all of the required information into one place for easy and immediate accessibility.

Re the cost, we do not envisage a net cost increase, quite the opposite. The testing is free and I dont believe in implementation costs so everything is already working. The improvement in OTP and decrease in Ground Damage will easily cover the cost of the app.

Some of the benefits to management include:
Flight tracking on your deviceImmediate notification of errors/mistakes and the effects thereof.
OTP tracking for departure and arrival in the same place.
Powerful filtering to let you see through the abundance of data.In app trending of data to give context to issues.
Fully accessible database for existing reports (Power BI) to draw data from.

Benefits to Crew:
Quick and easy reporting
Threat and Error management.
Ability to get information directly to where it is needed when it is needed.
Ability to directly improve the services provided by Gate and Ground crew.
Ability to see their actions having an effect through live trending.

Please give us a shout if you want a demonstration. We are ready to roll out the testing when you are and to confirm if our hypothesis are correct. If not - no harm, no cost. All that we ask is access to the KPIs already in use for OTP and when available ground damage etc during the test phase. The app is Eoin the app store now.

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