Aircraft Turnaround Optimisation

Dynamic targeting of aircraft handling pain points with Turnaround app by using 2 person verification of procedural compliance.

Enhancing cooperation and increasing clarity for all actors in the aircraft turnaround process.

Integrated Threat and Error Management Tool

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How does the app work

Optimising your turnaround process through data collection and live feedback.

Turnaround app introduces accountability, oversight and trend analysis to every turnaround, improving both efficiency and quality for the handler and the airline. Managers monitor every turnaround remotely with an inspection resolution of 1:1. Live feedback to air and ground crews facilitates meaningful threat and error management.


Turnaround asks minimal but critical questions about the A/C turnaround to both the flight and ground crew, it can be completed in less than 20 seconds. 
Turnaround logs everyday errors, presents trends and breaks the error cycle.


Turnaround compares (verifies) checklist responses between air and ground crews notifying reporters and managers when the checklist is completed.
Colour coding quickly identifies discrepancies and targets followup actions.


Managers monitor hotspots, providing guidance to crews or by requesting an enhanced inspection schedule (also completed through the app).
Crews can brief for threat elimination or error avoidance before the process begins.
Safety and Compliance are improved on every Turnaround.

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Game changer for your turnaround process

Turnaround focuses attention on routine errors, allows timely and proportionate follow up, reduces ground handling errors and increases OTP. Live statistical data facilitates targeted Threat and Error Management (TEM), performance based oversight, tactical inspections and audits to continuously improve the quality or turnarounds.

2 Person Verification '2PV' introduces accountability to every turnaround, facilitating improved procedural compliance and granular KPI/SPI data.

Reduce aircraft damage and turnaround risk.

Cutting even 1 minor damage event will save time and money for the airline.

20 seconds to complete a mini inspection report.

Users will be able to take action faster than ever before!

Instantly monitor your turnarounds

No need for long onboarding or changing anything in the organisation.

Professional design

Made by aviation safety and compliance experts, for airlines and ground handlers.

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Dynamic targeting of aircraft handling pain points with Turnaround app by using 2 person verification of procedural compliance.

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